Carry On

Yes, yes, I know… For those who read this and are all like, “you didn’t post at all this weekend!” I know, I am sorry. I am human, and make mistakes, and probably will make more mistakes in the future.

That being said this weekend was insane, but a great weekend as well! I really should start taking photos at least, if not videos to share with these posts… That being said Friday I got to have a last lunch before I sail away with my good friend Alex. We haven’t gotten to see a whole lot of each other this year, so it was great when we had a sporadic moment to get together, have lunch, and play some Red Dead Redemption 2 before he had to go to work, and I had to go to the last band practice before our big show.

Saturday was where the craziness started, we need to get more hardware for the band trailer before we started loading it, so Nic and I went on a mission to find said hardware. We arrived at Walmart, ran into people we knew which only delayed us for 2-3 minutes. Then we got really distracted when we found arcade game displays, that were on and working, setup by the electronics department… I actually got a picture of those machines, it was great, and we wasted at least 5 – 10 minutes playing the games.

Then we went, got the hardware we needed and headed back to Nic’s house where all of our gear, instruments, and overall equipment was for the show. I went into boss mode and started getting everything packed and pushing everyone else to get their stuff packed so we could get the trailer loaded and at least show up on time to the venue if not early. My mission succeeded, and we were a good 20 minutes early to the venue. 


The venue was significantly smaller than we expected, but we got setup and played our show. It was a fun experience, we had a decent turnout based on the size of the town and the venue.

Sunday… Sunday was a bittersweet day. It was my last day at a service at church for a while. With the position I’ve taken on which involve traveling most of the work is on the weekends which means I am not going to be home for services at all. So, I did my best to talk to those who I would not get to see for some time. Then I went home, watched football, was disappointed in seeing the Chicago Bears not make it to the next level of playoffs.

Overall it was a great weekend, and even better in the occasional down time that I had, I was able to do some reading. A mix of scripture, non-fictional, fictional, and articles that have been open on a browser window for some time now.

Now I work on getting ready to leave for North Carolina for training needed for the contract chosen. So I think for the moment I am done with this blog post, and am going to get other things done.

Until next time, signing off!