Hello 2019!

It is official everyone! We have successfully begun a new year which means a lot is going to happen! If you’re writing a check out the next several months, you’re going to most likely write the date as January 1st, 2018, rather than as January 1st, 2019. Don’t worry, we all do it for the first few weeks to first few months. You will push forward and try your best to accomplish a list of goals that you rushed to put together for 2019 in the last few days of 2018.

There is a lot of things that typically happen as we enter into a new year, sometimes we don’t have time for our own goals because we’ve already started to live them. For me I don’t have a lot of time for any large goals for 2019. As I sit in the living room of some close friends being the first one awake in this New Year I have been thinking, what are my goals for 2019?

Before I really get into what are my goals, I am looking at what are somethings I am already doing in 2019?

-       On January 7th, 2019 I begin my last semester for my bachelor’s degree in media communications, set to graduate roughly in July.

-       On January 10th, 2019 I leave for North Carolina to undergo training as a Camera/Stream Operator for a Youth Dance Competition group that travel around the United States for 6 months.

-       Once I get back from traveling around for work, I am looking to buy a house, hopefully a duplex in which I can live in one half, and rent the other half, with a nice size basement to setup a studio in.

-       I’ve also already been asked if I am interested in working on a feature film in October which is exciting and would involve me working in St. Louis, Southern California, and Texas.

-       I also am in a band, and in just a few days is our premiere show in which I am happy I get to play at, but then with being gone for 6 months traveling I will not make any other shows the first half of the year and have to make up for it when I get back.

-       My business, Rogue Elephant, LLC is getting a refreshing start with launching its first brand this year, possibly a second brand altogether.

Needless to say, 2019 is already pretty booked for me, and I don’t really want to add anymore activities for the year so that I have time for doing nothing, family, friends, church, ministry, and most importantly maintaining a strong relationship with God!

What are my goals for 2019?

I only have a few goals for 2019, but they are almost more important than anything else.

-       Maintain a strong relationship with God, even though all of my travels will be full of distractions, and temptations. (Thanks Pastor James for reminding me that I may face some more than normal)

-       Maintain and grow a stronger relationship with Family, and Friends.

-       Become more independent and self-sustaining that I don’t have to rely on others for support.

-       Get physically fit and maintain better health. (I have lost 80lbs over the last year, I still have roughly another 80lbs to go before I will truly be more comfortable with who I am.)

-       Miss as few days writing this blog, releasing videos, etc.

-       Find that perfect someone (A goal that if I follow Gods timing may or may not happen this year, I am not in a rush, but not against the idea either.)

-       Regularly have moments of rest, don’t overdo it, don’t burn the candle at both ends.

These are my goals for 2019, they may sound simple but once we get into everything going on in our lives it can seem impossible!!!

For now, I will take each day, one day at a time. I think since everyone else is still asleep I may go for a walk. It snowed last night, and I think we got somewhere between 5-7 inches. Though I just realized the only shoes I have are my slip-on dress shoes, and I forgot my jacket at home… so I may wait to do that walk until I go home later this afternoon.

Either way I’m signing off for now, maybe some time with God while it is still quiet is in order.

Have a blessed 2019! See you tomorrow!