I am so tired

Today I arrived in North Carolina, after sitting in a small airplane next to two women who would not shut up. They were talking non-stop from the moment they entered the plane and continued after we landed to not shut up. They were talking about everything you would not expect others to discuss in a public place where everyone can hear you. It was so obvious that individuals that I was traveling with mentioned that the people in front of them, who were two rows in front of me kept trying to figure out who was talking so they could tell them to shut up.


We progressed from the airport to the rental car place where we spent 45 minutes to an hour trying to get our rental vehicle, that we had a reservation for, but because of the lack of payment information and their lack of intelligent employees we had to go back and forth trying to get everything approved so we could take the car and make our way to our hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, we got to get our training gear, room key and to meet our roommates. George is a pretty great roommate, older, closer in age to my parents than to me, but has a young heart full of energy and desire to be creative.

What does all of this have to do with being tired. It is the fact that I spent 14 hours at an airport before flying out… yeah that’s right 14 hours. Now that I know the system of the train I won’t ever try to sleep at the airport again unless I absolutely have to.

That being said, this is short simple, and I can’t keep focus. So im going to bed 

Until next time, signing off!