The Fear of Change

I am less than 48 hours away from one of the biggest moments of change in my life. In two days, I leave to take on a new adventure, an adventure I look forward to, an adventure I am excited for, and an adventure I am terrified of.

I do not handle change very well, but I have lived my life in a realm of very little change, and the change that has happened was small to be expected change. Change like learning to drive and getting my driver’s license, change my graduating high school, change like discovering your first crush.

The truth is, it’s not change I am afraid of, it’s the unknown that I fear. After spending two years nearly bed ridden, hardly able to function, and often needing the help of my family to do much of anything, it is the fact that I am becoming independent once more that I am afraid. Afraid of what may happen as I take on this new path.

I am trying to remain focused on the Lord, and realize that the change is not bad, that this is a huge improvement, and blessing on my life. I am trying to not fear and focus solely on the Lord. It is a struggle, a small part of me wants to say, “No I can’t do this.” But I must overcome, I must pursue, I must push forward.

Maybe you have similar fears, or struggles. You’re not alone, and the best way we push forward is by admitting we have these fears and supporting each other in overcoming them.

If you have any fears of change, please feel free to share them either in the comments or to message me or e-mail me directly. I am more than willing to talk with you, support and encourage you!

Until next time, signing off!