The Focus is Hard

The struggle is real, and I don’t know how to overcome it completely. I am sitting here working on writing todays blog post, and at first, I wasn’t sure what to write about, and then I made the mistake of leaving some YouTube videos playing while working on projects. So, while I work on writing this blog post I have NODE playing with the team competing in the newest Super Smash Brothers Game.

I keep getting distracted enough that I can’t seem to focus on writing this post consistently without losing focus on writing the blog post itself. Now you may say, “Dude, just pause the video, watch it later. You’re intentionally distracting yourself.” The problem is it doesn’t matter if I pause the video or not, I struggle to stay focused on any one project.

I recently found out that at a very young age my parents suspected that I had ADHD which is Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. In other words, a condition in which one has a chronic issue with attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. I was never officially diagnosed with this condition, and I don’t believe the condition is severe enough to ever be diagnosed with such a condition. It does however explain the issue that I have, and why I struggle with so much, especially with things I love such as watching movies, reading books, or even playing games.

I’ve had to really learn to focus hard on the incredibly important things. There are sometimes I can focus very well, but if I am distracted in any way that it throws me off from my focus I can become easily irritated. Overtime I have learned to not be easily angered, or irritated by the distraction and more remain focused, while still acknowledging the distraction if necessary.


What most commonly distracts me?

 I am the most easily distracted by my busy brain… my brain is constantly going non-stop, all the time. Even when I am sleeping, I am constantly going in my mind. There have been times that I have dreams that I can remember vividly as me working on creative ideas because my mind has not stopped, most of the projects I have concepts for have come to me in my sleep. It also makes it a struggle to sleep at times.

My second biggest distraction is interruptions. If I am working on something, or I am in the middle of a conversation and I am interrupted by anything, it could be a person coming to talk to me, or just the sound of their voice could pull away my focus, it could be the sound of visual seeing of a notification across anything such as social media, e-mail, text or even phone calls. Any of these things can take away my focus from where it needs to be, and cause me to find a hard time to get re-focused.


What can I do to lessen the impact?

Right now, the easiest way I find to avoid distractions of people, is to place myself in a room full of people, like a coffee shop and throw on a headset, or throw in some earbuds and playing loud music that for all I know everyone can hear, but it is locking out other distracting noise. Because noise can be more distracting than visuals because you can hear a sound without looking at it at all, if I cut out noise distractions, I tend to remain significantly more focused than if I were to cut out visual distractions.

With my recent increased work load in media, I find that I get notifications all of the time non-stop. This happens across social media, e-mail, texts, and phone calls. In order to really remain focused and not have things distractions I need to make the hard choice to turn off notifications for the majority of things, especially social media. By turning off these distractions I’m less likely to check my phone, or something like Facebook, or Instagram several times an hour because I’m not getting notified of messages, or new activity. Then I can setup designated times to check everything instead. I think after I post this, I will do just that if I don’t get too distracted from doing so!

That is what I have for today, I sometimes struggle with remaining focused. Do you have that struggle? If you do what are some ways you overcome that struggle? Please feel free to leave comments and start conversations in the comment section of this post!

Until next time, signing off!